Wednesday, May 7, 2008

WEDNESDAY, MAY 07, 2008 10:46 PM, CDT

Sam is two months old today - Happy Birthday Sam!

Sam's surgery today went well and recovered fine from being sedated, just a little sleepy today.

Due to scheduling problems, they were not able to do his MRI today, so they will need to sedate him again tomorrow to do that.

We will not have any results from the biopsies that they took today for several days, but it was a good feeling to at least move forward with some testing that has not been done before with him.

His endoscopy showed a Esophageal ulcer. This was most likely caused by stomach acid from his empty stomach making its way into his lower esophagus and they do not believe that it is otherwise related to what is going on, but will know more when the biopsy results are back.

They also noticed that microvilli in his small intestine are flat. These are normally small projections on the inside of the intestine. This is commonly seen in untreated Celiac disease, but there are several causes of this and we really won't know more about this until the biopsy results come back.

Sam's weight was down a little today, but still over 6 pounds. He had a very large poop right before he was weighed, so if you take that into account his weight was pretty close to the same.

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