Thursday, May 29, 2008

THURSDAY, MAY 29, 2008 11:50 PM, CDT

Wow! We are all finally home. Though there were a few hiccups on the way, we all made it. Now it gets real. There were some wonderful moments (Ryan sang 'Itsy, Bitsy Spider' to Sam) and some frustrating ones (pooping right after a diaper change, again and again. *smile*) We are working on learning even more about his care and getting back to a some what normal routine, at least what will be normal for us from now on. Sam seems very interested in the cat and vice versa.

Our days suddenly seem much more full. Between the 30 diaper changes a day (no exaggeration there - and each change actually uses two diapers), keeping up with all of Sam's medical care, making sure that Ryan is still the most important person in the world in his eyes, and everything else, we barely have a minute to breathe, or sleep, or eat. Even before today I think the most frequent phrase you here around us is 'What day is it?'. By the end of this week we may be asking each other what our own names are, but at least we are finally all here together which is the only thing that matters to us right now.

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