Saturday, May 24, 2008

SATURDAY, MAY 24, 2008 02:56 PM, CDT

We have had a little bit of a set back the last two days, but it will hopefully not prevent us from going home on Wednesday.

Sam needed to have another blood transfusion last night. They have completed an Iron absorption test on him and it appears that his body will absorb Iron when he takes the supplement orally. His Iron levels were good before and after the transfusion, but there were other issues that he has been encountered (which I do not understand enough about to begin to try to explain) which caused him to need this transfusion. They are concerned that due to his repeated transfusions he may continue to encounter problems and require more. The was that they described it is that his bone marrow is getting lazy because it has not needed to do it's job in awhile due to the transfusions he has repeatly gotten, so we may have to battle with this problem for while.

Sam has been spitting up a lot and been very gassy since yesterday. This is making him uncomfortable and very cranky. What he is spitting up is mostly stomach acid, so it looks like we will have some Acid Reflux to deal with as well.

On Tueday we will begin to learn how to manage Sam's care at home. Wednesday we will be driving Sam back to Appleton and meeting with our home care company to get all of our supplies organized and set up his equipment at home. We have a lot to learn to manage this on our own at home, but we will have some help from home nursing and always have others we can call for help if needed. I think we would be more nervous if we did not have Theda Clark just a few minutes away in case we need to get him to the hospital in a hurry.

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