Wednesday, May 14, 2008

WEDNESDAY, MAY 14, 2008 05:03 PM, CDT

Sam was very happy today. Because they have now figured out what exactly is making him sick and he is getting the correct amount of fluid and nutrition from his IV, he is allowed to eat. Eating for Sam is really just for fun. Sam can eat as much or as little as he wants of whatever he wants as the food he is eating will have no nutritional value for him. He started smiling a lot today after he got to eat, I guess having a full belly feels good even if it works its way out through the other end pretty quickly.

Tomorrow they will also be experimenting with shutting down all of Sam's intake of fluid and nutrients for a few hours. The plan is to have all of his fluid intake and nutrients delivered over 20 hours instead of 24 so that his liver can take a break for a few hours each day. This will hopefully lessen the effects on his liver and lengthen the time that his body tolerates the TPN.

On Friday Sam will have surgery again to place a more long term central IV into his chest. This will be more stable and in an area that is less prone to infection than his current line that is in his groin. This line will need to be changed as he grows, but as long as it is infection free can remain in for some time. This line will also allow for the large amounts of fluids that Sam will need to get intravenously.

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