Sunday, May 4, 2008

SUNDAY, MAY 04, 2008 09:30 PM, CDT

In the few short minutes since our last journal update I realized that we forgot a few things and now we have another change.

Sam was very anemic again on Friday night and required his third blood transfusion on Saturday.

They also wanted to more carefully monitor his urine output vs. his stools, so they have inserted a catheter and are measuring his urine output seperately.

Sam had quite a few visitors over the last few days and really like to focus on whoever is holding to him and talking to him.

20 minutes ago we were hoping everything would still be a go in the morning. Now it looks like that might not happen. Sam's fever keeps coming and going. Because of the risk of infection from his IV and his catheter they need to make sure that there is not any issue there. They have startd a blood and urine work up on Sam and he will be getting yet another spinal tap in about 1/2 hour so they can make sure that there is no infection. This really leaves everything up in the air for tomorrow and the procedure may need to be delayed until Tuesday

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